Dr. Kevin Heaney

President / CEO

Kevin has spent his scientific career exploring the interaction of the ocean environment and acoustic propagation. Some interesting questions addressed include three-dimensional propagation of low frequency sound across the ocean basin (and its diffracting behind islands and seamounts), modeling the impact of ocean waves on multi-static anti-submarine warfare, calculating how far away we can hear fin whales, and parameterizing the ocean soundscape in the presence of anthropogenic noise.

After receiving his PhD in Applied Ocean Sciences from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Kevin has worked for a variety of companies (SAIC, Lockheed, OASIS) and had the opportunity to be mentored by the great minds of the previous generation (Drs Kuperman, Cox, Baggeroer and Munk).  He has the most fun when he's doing solid science and is able to package that into a system that people (sailors, managers) find useful.  Starting AOS (January 2019) is a major step forward in combining his passions for solving challenging science problems and getting these solutions into the hands of people who will use them.

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