Dr. Katie Verlinden

Senior Scientist (Atmospheric Science)

Dr. Katie Verlinden is an atmospheric scientist with expertise in remotely-sensed observations, air-sea interactions, cloud microphysics, and forecast verification. Dr. Verlinden completed her undergraduate education in Environmental Science and Geography at University of Oregon where, as part of the Paleoclimate Lab, she researched the influence of local climate on annual tree-ring growth. During her studies, she jumped at the opportunity to spend a summer in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve completing a study on the wind regime of the Lakina Glacier Valley. These experiences drove her curiosity to earn a M.S. in Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University where her research was the first to use satellite observations to document the three-dimensional distribution of clouds over the southern hemisphere high latitudes. In 2018, Dr. Verlinden earned her PhD in Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science from Oregon State University where her dissertation focused on the radiation, turbulence, and forecasting of marine low clouds. During her research, she worked with NOAA’s Aviation Weather Testbed to test the initial capabilities of the Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS) to forecast cloud properties. Following earning her PhD, Dr. Verlinden stayed on at Oregon State University as a postdoc during which she continued to utilize in situ and remotely-sensed observations as well as model-simulated data to study the energy budget and microphysical processes of boundary layer clouds. Applications of Dr. Verlinden’s research range from improving representations of clouds in models to informing commercial and governmental decision-making.

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