Dr. Emanuel Coelho

Chief Scientist

Dr. Emanuel Coelho holds PhD and M.S. degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School and graduated from the Naval Academy of the Portuguese Navy.

Before joining AOS, he had previous appointments at the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation - CMRE (ex. NURC and SACLANTCEN). He was a contractor at the Navy Research Laboratory (NRL) at Stennis Space Center and a research professor at the University of Southern Mississippi and at the University of New Orleans. Dr. Coelho has extensive experience in research and development in the fields of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), and in particular in preparation of Environments and Risk Analysis (REA) using stochastic numerical models, non-linear filtering theory, and control theory with emphasis on dual-use (military and civilian). This experience includes research in cost-effective, re-locatable, discreet and secure robotic network systems for data collection, along with highly portable and interoperable performance assessment and analysis algorithms to deliver awareness information, and indication and warning products. The main application areas of his work have been in underwater acoustics, nearshore and coastal studies, and Naval METOC support.

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